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Bombing at Khotan Narbagh Police Station ends in hostage standoff

It’s summer again, and that means it’s time for confusing reports about violence in Xinjiang. Xinhua reports that, around noon Beijing Time (10:00 AM Xinjiang time) on 18 July, Khotan City sustained a bombing attack [...]

Xinhua Deputy Chief Editor Reveals New Details of the Urumqi Riots

A 15 May lecture by Xinhua Deputy Chief Editor Xia Lin (夏林) at Tianjin Foreign Studies University began making the English-language media rounds today. You can find the English translation of the lecture, transcribed by [...]

Uyghur Signage Gets a Facelift in Urumqi After Riots

In Xinjiang, there’s a common saying among Uyghurs that “Chinese characters are the eyes, and Uyghur characters are just the eyebrows.” If I remember the Uyghur correctly–don’t quote me here–I believe it’s something along the [...]

Guangdong TV News Blurb on Opening of Xinjiang Internet

From an article at QQ, here’s a blurb of a TV report, apparently named “Morning in Guangdong” (广东早晨) that briefly mentioned the opening of Internet in Xinjiang.  

Translation: Diligently Protect a Healthy and Open Internet Environment

Along with the “Open Letter” to Xinjiang Netizens, Tianshan Net also published an article by a commentator on the significance of the reopening of the Internet and the responsibilities expected of netizens now that everything [...]

Translation: An Open Letter to All Netizen Friends Throughout Xinjiang

As part of the announcement of the reopening of the Internet in Xinjiang, the regional government wrote an “Open Letter” to the Internet users of Xinjiang. Below is our translation of the letter.

Xinjiang Internet: Restored

After almost an entire year under an Internet blackout, Xinjiang has finally been liberated from its digital iron curtain. The grand reopening is currently the main headline on the Xinjiang news site, Tianshan Net. Bold, [...]

Secretary Wang Lequan transferred, replaced with Zhang Chunxian

On 14 April 2010, Wang Lequan (王乐泉) was removed from his post as Secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) for the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region by order of the Central Committee of the [...]

Update: Bomb Threat, Not Hijacking, Reported on Airplane Bound for Xinjiang

According to updates from the Associated Press, Xinhua is now reporting that there was a bomb threat–not a hijacking–on a Xinjiang-bound airplane.  There are few details at the moment, but apparently the flight in question [...]

Airplane reported hijacked in Xinjiang

The AP, the BBC, and now several Western-language media outlets are now reporting the hijacking of an airplane in Xinjiang, according to a brief report from Xinhua. No details are available. TND is looking for [...]

Eighteenth-Century Map of Xinjiang

Dear readers, we interrupt your regularly schedule posting to bring you a neat old map. What you see below is the 新疆總圖 or “General Map of Xinjiang.” This particular version is from the work 欽定新疆識略 [...]

Two Uighurs Shot Dead in Urumqi by Chinese Police

Two Uighurs were shot dead by Chinese policemen today in Urumqi, according to the BBC. Another man was injured in the shooting. A spokesmen for the Chinese government claims that the shooting occurred as a [...]