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Bombing at Khotan Narbagh Police Station ends in hostage standoff

It’s summer again, and that means it’s time for confusing reports about violence in Xinjiang. Xinhua reports that, around noon Beijing Time (10:00 AM Xinjiang time) on 18 July, Khotan City sustained a bombing attack [...]

Man on motorized tricycle throws explosive device at border patrol, kills 7, in Aksu

According to news reports which are currently flooding into Western media outlets such as BBC, AP, the Guardian, and the New York Times, a man riding a motorized tricycle and armed with an explosive device [...]

Airplane reported hijacked in Xinjiang

The AP, the BBC, and now several Western-language media outlets are now reporting the hijacking of an airplane in Xinjiang, according to a brief report from Xinhua. No details are available. TND is looking for [...]

Two Uighurs Shot Dead in Urumqi by Chinese Police

Two Uighurs were shot dead by Chinese policemen today in Urumqi, according to the BBC. Another man was injured in the shooting. A spokesmen for the Chinese government claims that the shooting occurred as a [...]

Images from Tuesday Urumqi Demonstrations

The first wave of Uyghur actions in Urumqi on Sunday evening brought at least a thousand people, mostly young Uyghur men, probably members of Urumqi’s small middle class, into the streets. They occupied public spaces [...]

Urumqi Incident Analysis at Global Voices

We at TND recommend this article at Global Voices for a strikingly nuanced discussion of Chinese attitudes towards the riots in Urumqi.  Reading, translating, and analyzing Chinese-language on-line sources, they present some different viewpoints from [...]

Photographs of the Urumqi Riots: Part Two

The following photographs of the July 5 riots (and their aftermath) in Urumqi are from the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

Photographs of the Urumqi Riots

The following photographs are from a slideshow compiled by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet.

140 Dead, 828 Injured in Riots

UPDATE: Xinhua claims that the Urumqi authorities dispatched 20,000 police and military personnel to quell the riots. They used “tear gas grenades, stun grenades, and high-pressure water guns” on the demonstrators. Others have suggested that [...]

Demonstrations in Urumqi – Official Response

The Xinhua news agency is now reporting that, between 8:00 PM on 5 July and 12:30 AM on 6 July (Beijing time), rioting broke out in several parts of the city of Urumqi. They report [...]

Riots in Urumqi – Confirmed

The BBC, the AFP, the Times of India, and Radio Free Asia are all reporting riots in Urumchi (Urumqi).  RFA says that protests against the events at Shaoguan, Guangdong began at People’s Square, People’s Theater [...]

Riots in Urumqi

TND has received word that, as of around 7:30 PM local time/9:30 PM Beijing time, there is a riot in progress at the Grand Bazaar in Urumchi.  Reports, so far unverified, claim that riot police [...]