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Man on motorized tricycle throws explosive device at border patrol, kills 7, in Aksu

According to news reports which are currently flooding into Western media outlets such as BBC, AP, the Guardian, and the New York Times, a man riding a motorized tricycle and armed with an explosive device [...]

Diaspora Uyghurs in America, Norway on Norway Terror Plot

A week ago Norway unpleasantly discovered that it, too, Nobel Peace Prizes and fjords and all, was a potential target for Al-Qaeda planned terrorist attacks. Norway’s security apparatuses revealed that they had successfully apprehended three [...]

Translation: Public Security Foils “East Turkestan Islamic Movement” Terrorist Plot

A few hours ago, Public Security spokesperson Wu Heping held a news conference to divulge details on an alleged Uyghur terrorist plot that apparently was foiled by Public Security forces recently. The most comprehensive Mandarin-language report [...]

Airplane reported hijacked in Xinjiang

The AP, the BBC, and now several Western-language media outlets are now reporting the hijacking of an airplane in Xinjiang, according to a brief report from Xinhua. No details are available. TND is looking for [...]

Follow-Up: Swedish Uyghur Accused of Espionage for China – Sweden and China Duel Diplomats

On 4 June 2009, the Swedish Security Police (Säpo) took into custody a 61-year-old Uyghur man, a former refugee and now Swedish citizen, on charges of espionage. Now, that man’s identity has finally been revealed. [...]

Turkistan Islamic Party on Pakistan-China extradition: translation

Recently, we linked to a video of a spokesman for the Turkistan Islamic Party (Türkistan Islam Partiyisi (TIP) تۈركىستان ئىسلام پارتىيىسى) responding to the news that 9 Uyghurs had been arrested in Pakistan and extradited [...]

Rabiyä Qadir in Il Manifesto: “Independence is impossible”

When I started studying Xinjiang, I knew I would need a broad array of linguistic resources. I never imagined I would read so much in Italian. Here is my translation, doubtless below par, of a [...]

9 Uyghurs extradited from Pakistan to China

Last week, 9 Uyghurs captured in Waziristan were extradited to China, according to The Daily Mail, a Pakistani newspaper. Pakistan’s Interior Ministry claims that the 9 Uyghurs were previously involved in attacks against security forces [...]

Nur Bekri Again Identifies “Western Hostile Forces” as Enemy to Xinjiang Stability

Nur Bekri, Chairman of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, while speaking with reporters this Friday again identified amorphous “Western hostile forces” as the immediate and most pressing threat to stability in Xinjiang. As I’ve observed [...]

Ten Named Revolutionary Martyrs, Seven are Uyghur Victims of Violence

From Tian Shan Net via the Associated Press, seven Uyghur victims of violence that occurred during and after Olympics were officially named “Revolutionary Martyrs (革命烈士)” on Monday along with three other individuals who died in [...]

Miami Herald on Guantanamo Uyghurs

The Miami Herald ran an article on the Guantanamo Uyghur detainees yesterday.  It is remarkably sympathetic, based as much as seems to have been possible on research and direct observation, and avoids the sensationalism usually [...]

Xinhua Version of Kashgar Attack Addresses NYT Doubts

This is the second sentencing we’ve covered at The New Dominion (the other being the sentencing of conspiracists captured in January 2007) and both have been quite informative because sentencing is when the authorites release [...]