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Xinhua Deputy Chief Editor Reveals New Details of the Urumqi Riots

A 15 May lecture by Xinhua Deputy Chief Editor Xia Lin (夏林) at Tianjin Foreign Studies University began making the English-language media rounds today. You can find the English translation of the lecture, transcribed by [...]

Visual Misrepresentations in the Turkish Media

The Turkish daily newspaper Zaman’s video news story, Urumçi’de çatışma,  about the Urumchi riots is stunning due to its visual misrepresentations. While the Turkish voice over focuses entirely on the situation in Urumchi, for an [...]

Hakim Siyit’s Petition Video in Full

Thanks to a frequent commenter and invaluable contributor who goes by the name “Uyghur,” I now know that Hakim Siyit’s petition video, in which he and many other farmers air their grievances against farming practices [...]

Uyghur Farmer Produces Media Content to Air Grievances

The story of a disgruntled farmer gathering what is, for him, a significant amount of savings and traveling to Beijing to lay down his grievances before the authorities is nothing new to China. It is [...]

Xinhua Version of Kashgar Attack Addresses NYT Doubts

This is the second sentencing we’ve covered at The New Dominion (the other being the sentencing of conspiracists captured in January 2007) and both have been quite informative because sentencing is when the authorites release [...]

Kashgar Attackers Sentenced to Death

The two Uyghurs allegedly responsible for the August 4th terrorist attack in Kashgar, taxi driver Abdurahman Azat and vegetable seller Kurbanjan Hemit, have been sentenced to death, according to Reuters, AFP, the New York Times, [...]

US Official on Guantanamo Uyghurs: “China is the only country that wants them back.”

Today, Portugal announced its willingness to take in some Guantanamo detainees as refugees and encouraged other members of the European Union to follow suit.  The Uyghur detainees, as is increasingly common, are receiving especial media [...]

Tabloid Backlash against New York Times Loulan Beauty Article

Some of you may have noticed about a week ago an article in the New York Times by correspondent Edward Wong titled, “The Dead Tell a Tale China Doesn’t Care to Listen To,” about the [...]

Identity Crisis Bonanza hosted by Pepsi

Uyghurs dressed as Mexicans and Brazilians? Kazakhs and Tartars posing as Russians? Skulking Han Chinese teenagers with Japanese rising sun headbands? Central Asians exulting in German patriotism while the real German begrudgingly cheers for America? [...]

Mutant Palm on the Terror List

In regards to the list of terror suspects released by the Chinese government, I can do no more than direct our readers to Davesgonechina’s coverage at his blog, Mutant Palm. As a Xinjiang blogger I [...]

All is Well in Fasting Kashgar

China Daily has put out an English language article discussing the atmosphere in Kashgar one month after an unusually violent attack resulted in the death of 16 policemen. According to reporter Hu Yinan, everything has [...]

Victims of Latest Violence all Uyghurs

The victims of the latest bout of violence in Jiashi/Peyziwat County were all Uyghur police officers local to the area, according to the information-laden latest report from Radio Free Asia. Furthermore, the attack was linked [...]