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Uyghur Historian Kahar Barat Discusses Xinjiang History, Part 1

Uyghur Scholar Kahar Barat Wang Lixiong Two extremely compelling and intriguing voices on Xinjiang issues today are those of Wang Lixiong and Kahar Barat. Married to Woeser, an outspoken Tibetan blogger and rights advocate, Wang [...]

Trial Implementation of Kashgar Old City Reconstruction to be Broadened

Image by DPerstin This is a translation of a Mandarin article posted on Tian Shan Net on March 23rd about the expansion of the pilot program in the Kashgar Old City Reconstruction Project. In 2010, [...]

A Letter from Kashgar

The following is a letter from an anonymous foreign traveler currently in Kashgar, Xinjiang. The New Dominion presents this letter for the consideration and edification of its readers. There has been little news out of [...]

Xanliq Madrasa Demolished – Played Important Role in Kashgar’s History

Update: Radio Free Asia’s Uyghur service has now posted an article on the demolition. On 15 June 2009, around 10:30 AM local time, wrecking crews working on the “renewal” of Kashgar’s Old City demolished the [...]

Old Kashgar: Reconfiguring Space With Bulldozers

Word of Old Kashgar’s imminent destruction has reached The New York Times. The story broke in the American media back in March with the Washington Post, was picked up by the Emirati The National, and [...]

More Xinjiang Links

My apologies for another run-and-gun style post. We mentioned in a previous roundup that Uighurbiz, an outspoken online community, was shut down, and that its owner, Ilham Tohti, dropped off the radar for a few [...]

Uyghur Farmer Produces Media Content to Air Grievances

The story of a disgruntled farmer gathering what is, for him, a significant amount of savings and traveling to Beijing to lay down his grievances before the authorities is nothing new to China. It is [...]

Bilingual Education News

It’s the beginning of a new year, and that means it’s time for Xinhua to publish statistics. Most interesting to me are some new figures on the PRC’s efforts to promote “bilingual” education. “Bilingual” education [...]

Xinhua Version of Kashgar Attack Addresses NYT Doubts

This is the second sentencing we’ve covered at The New Dominion (the other being the sentencing of conspiracists captured in January 2007) and both have been quite informative because sentencing is when the authorites release [...]

Kashgar Attackers Sentenced to Death

The two Uyghurs allegedly responsible for the August 4th terrorist attack in Kashgar, taxi driver Abdurahman Azat and vegetable seller Kurbanjan Hemit, have been sentenced to death, according to Reuters, AFP, the New York Times, [...]

New York Times Raises Doubt over Kashgar Attack; Cites Witnesses, Photos

Over a month ago, the Associated Press released 3 photos depicting the aftermath of the August 4th attack in Kashgar. The official version of events first has a dump truck ploughing into ranks of drilling [...]

All is Well in Fasting Kashgar

China Daily has put out an English language article discussing the atmosphere in Kashgar one month after an unusually violent attack resulted in the death of 16 policemen. According to reporter Hu Yinan, everything has [...]