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Office building bombing in Urumqi

A man detonated a bomb in downtown Urumqi, killing himself and injuring two others, according to the People’s Daily Online. The attacker, Han Wushun, went to Xinjiang Beixin Road and Construction Company’s offices with the [...]

Heartbroken Beitun Man Continues Fire Theme

We cover a region that seems to have a disproportionate amount stories involving fire or explosions (here, here, and here), including, most prominently, the Beijing self-immolators who appear to be Uyghurs (and thus have a [...]

Xinhua Version of Kashgar Attack Addresses NYT Doubts

This is the second sentencing we’ve covered at The New Dominion (the other being the sentencing of conspiracists captured in January 2007) and both have been quite informative because sentencing is when the authorites release [...]

Post-Olympic Miscellanea

First, a quick apology. Both myself and the other writer for the site have been undergoing some major transitions, though again for the both of us these transitions are quickly getting wrapped up and both [...]

Victims of Latest Violence all Uyghurs

The victims of the latest bout of violence in Jiashi/Peyziwat County were all Uyghur police officers local to the area, according to the information-laden latest report from Radio Free Asia. Furthermore, the attack was linked [...]

Associated Press Releases Photos of August 4th Kashgar Attack

As usual, after the numerous attacks that occured in the weeks leading up to the Olympics, it was noted by many that government provided no solid proof of the attacks, resulting in speculation that some [...]

The Mystery of the Time Traveling Executions: Uyghur Terrorists Get Not-So-Summary Sentences?

Update: The mystery appears to be solved. My suspicions that the contradictions could be resolved by the possibility that RFA was simply wrong in its reporting turned out to be correct. The RFA article has [...]

Xinjiang Society and Education News Roundup: March 26 – 30, 2008

This is The New Dominion’s Society and Education News Roundup for March 26 – 30. In Urumqi, efforts to build a citywide educational computer network are coming to fruit, and counseling services are available to [...]

Political News Roundup: 7-14 March 2008

This is The New Dominion’s (delayed) roundup of political news for 7-14 March 2007. With the National People’s Congress in session, most of the news has been dominated by stories meant to reassure the people [...]

Xinjiang Roundup: 23 December to 29 December 2007

This week saw even more year-end statistics, the publishing of software that can recognize Uyghur, Kazakh, and Kirghiz writing on scanned images, yet another closure of the Urumqi International Airport, the opening of the new [...]

Xinjiang Roundup: 9 December to 15 December 2007

This week, Xinjiang saw a noble wild camel rescue operation, the unearthing of 2400 year-old wheat stalks, the temporary closure of Urumqi International Airport due to heavy fog, a flurry of end-of-the-year statistics, and more, [...]

Xinjiang Roundup: 25 November to 1 December 2007

This week, Xinjiang’s Olympic athletes began their final winter training session, the number four was banished from future Urumqi license plates, a medical specialist blew the whistle on lead poisoning problems among Xinjiang children, Urumqi [...]